‘Gallagher Premiership should split to separate North and South leagues’: Readers react to the weekend of sport

‘Separate North and South leagues’

@Sipu Sipu:

”Two Leagues, 8 teams each, North and South. At end of season, top two teams from each league play each other in semi-final and final for the championship.”

‘Premiership needs to be completely revamped’ 

@A Cook:

”The Prem needs to be ring fenced urgently. Whether that means changing the format, i.e. to a two conference competition, then so be it. At the moment relegation is utterly pointless because there is no genuine competition in the Championship. Last year London Irish were Premiership strugglers. Added to that, when they were relegated they lost their best players, several more retired, and their top academy prospects were plundered. In spite of all that they are still winning the Championship! The gulf in class between the two leagues is insurmountable. Relegation is devastating to the club that goes down and a complete waste of time and money for everyone involved, including the Championship clubs.

”Elsewhere in the world there are club competitions, then Provincial competitions, then International recognition. We need to have club competition, then Premiership competition, then International recognition. In order to avoid player burn out I would think that we could establish two conferences of eight teams, Midlands and North Conference and South and South West Conference. Some of the more ambitious and wealthy clubs from the Championship would be included. Then the regular league season fixtures would be against geographically closer opponents with an end of season cross conference play off system i.e. 1st v 2nd, 3rd v 4th etc with a play off final. The arguments about player development, style of play etc all favour a ring fenced Premier division. To my mind it’s the sensible way forward.”

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